Hayley, your previous company was Zumba Hillingdon, why did you evolve this into CoeActive Fitness?

I have been very fortunate to meet incredible people in classes over the years of which every one of them has been appreciated. Having said this, CoeActive Fitness represents where I am now.


After 8 years working in the industry, I was ready to progress with a client base that shared the same ethos as myself.


Through moving away from pay as you go, the membership programme encourages our clients to put their health as a number 1 priority. By clients investing in their health and fitness, I can now invest in them.

I can confidently say, I know the name of every single current member of CoeActive Fitness. I can broaden the schedule with a wider variety of classes tailored to their feedback, resulting in very happy members!



Am I right for CoeActive Fitness?

CoeActive members are unique. Our ethos is health, community and positive wellbeing. We are looking for members who take their fitness and health seriously and can commit to at least 4 classes a month. The government guidelines recommend at least 75 minutes of vigorous exercise per week and this is what we expect from our members.



I am new to fitness and a little nervous, will I be ok?

YES! I know what it is like to walk into an environment that’s new and unfamiliar, it’s natural to feel apprehensive. This is why I make it my priority to welcome new clients personally when first attending classes. The members of CoeActive Fitness are a very friendly bunch and within 5 minutes you will feel at ease, comfortable and all those fears will melt away.



I would like to purchase the introductory offer of ‘4 classes for £20’?

Fantastic, this is the best way to start your fitness journey with us. Simply go to our ‘pricing’ page and click on the offer ‘Buy now’ button. Once you have purchased this option, you can go to the schedule and book your 4 classes in. Your pass lasts 1 month so make sure you use all the passes! If you need to cancel a class, please do this at least 1.5 hours in advance or you will lose the class credit.



I loved classes with CoeActive Fitness, how do I join?

We hoped you would say that;) Memberships can be purchased in class from either Hayley or Jayne (assistant manager). An info pack will be handed to you during your ‘Intro offer’ term with all the information regarding memberships.



What are the benefits of joining the CoeActive membership programme?

Becoming a member of CoeActive fitness means the freedom to enjoy all of the classes on the schedule and make friends with an awesome community of friendly, likeminded people. You will also gain exclusive access to member’s only events such as free CoeActive hosted fitness workshops, a Christmas party, social gatherings and a private Facebook group.



Do I have to use all my classes up within the month?

Yes. Maintaining your fitness level and leading a healthy lifestyle requires dedication, consistency and habit. This is why CoeActive Fitness has designed memberships to suit all fitness levels. Whatever membership you choose, your classes can be used anytime and for any class, so if you choose FIT8 and you want to use 8 classes in 1 week….you go for it! Alternatively, spread them out over the month.



I have a membership, how do I book my classes?

You can book via the ‘Schedule’ tab on my website or via the Mindbody App. Once you have logged into your account via the ‘log in’ button, which can be found at the top right hand corner of the CoeActive website, you will be able to book classes. Please find the class of your choice on the ‘Schedule’ and click ‘book’. If you have ran out of credits and wish to book more classes, ‘bolt on’ options and pricing will be displayed. You can do all of the above steps easily, using the Mindbody app, which is available for IOS and Android.



Can I freeze my membership?

Yes! FIT4, FIT8 and FIT12 memberships can be frozen for a period of 1 month in a 12 month period. FIT20 members can freeze their memberships twice, both for a 1 month duration during a 12 month period.



How do I amend my membership?

Amending your membership in any way, including upgrades, freezes, cancellations requires you to contact CoeActive Fitness by the 15th of the month prior to the month you wish to amend. We want to make being a member of CoeActive Fitness as enjoyable and stress free as possible so all we ask is for you to plan in advance and contact us in plenty of time so that we can help.

I highly recommend that all non and current members refer to the full T&C’s which can be found at the footer of the website.