Am I right for CoeActive Fitness?
YES if you want to get fit, have fun and meet some awesome people!
Our ethos is health, community and positive wellbeing. Believe us, working out has never been this fun! Any age, any fitness level, we cater for all!


I am new to fitness and a little nervous, will I be ok?
YES! We know what it is like to walk into an environment that’s new and unfamiliar, it’s natural to feel apprehensive. This is why we make it our priority to welcome new clients personally when first attending classes. The members of CoeActive Fitness are a very friendly bunch and within 5 minutes you will feel at ease.


I would like to purchase the introductory offer of ‘4 classes for £20’?
Fantastic, this is the best way to start your fitness journey with us. Simply go to our ‘Intro offer’ page and click ‘Buy now’. Once you have purchased this option, you can go to the schedule and book your 4 classes in. Your pass lasts 1 month from the date of purchase so make sure you use all the passes! If you need to cancel a class, please do this at least 1.5 hours in advance or you will lose the class credit. Yoga on Sunday’s is a 24 hour cancellation notice period.


I loved my intro offer with CoeActive Fitness, how can I get more classes?
We hoped you would say that;) During your Intro offer, you will get all the information via email about how to enjoy more classes with us.


Do I have to use all my classes up within the month?
Yes. Maintaining your fitness level and leading a healthier lifestyle requires dedication, consistency and habit 😄