Hayley Coe

Business Owner & Lead Instructor

When I launched my first Zumba class 7 years ago, I would never have imagined the opportunities it would give me. The opportunity to connect to a community of inspiring, like-minded individuals who wanted to have fun and get fit!


Originally from Inverness, I moved to London and studied at the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts. The daughter of a former Latin and ballroom champion, my mum has more swagger in her hips than I do in my pinky! Despite this, I still managed to shake ‘what ma mamma gave me’ and started to build my Zumba classes up rapidly.


‘Zumba Hillingdon’ has been my company for 7 years and after qualifying as a personal trainer and adding STRONG by Zumba to my timetable, the decision to expand and offer more to my clients was a natural progression.


Launching ‘CoeActive Fitness’ with the support of my present client base has been especially poignant, because being an instructor, it’s not about me, it’s about you. A fitness class should be judgment-free, supportive and motivating. If I have achieved these 3 vital components, then I have achieved what I set out to do which was, “To make everyone feel like individuals of importance to me, themselves and the ‘CoeActive Fitness’ community”. After all, co-active means ‘to act together’.



Building my team was incredibly important and I have chosen instructors who not only have the highest standard of teaching abilities but align themselves with my principles and beliefs.



I look forward to meeting you in class!



Lisa Varsani

CoeActive Fitness Instructor

Through my journey of discovering fitness over the last few years, I’ve discovered the importance in maintaining a healthy balance between the mind, body and soul. This newfound knowledge helped me unlock a higher level of happiness and fitness through dance and yoga.


After five years of pursuing my hobby of Ballroom and Latin dancing, I gained an appreciation for self-expression, the discipline and fluidity of movement. Along the way, I decided to swap my heels and fancy dresses for leggings and trainers! Inspired by my wonderful teachers & instructors combined with my love for the mind and body interaction, I decided to become a Zumba and Yoga Instructor. I was excited to bring something meaningful, fun, restorative and creative into my lifestyle through dance and fitness.


Practising Yoga allows me to find balance, create strength and reconnect to my body. It has provided me with a platform for understanding and appreciating the art of stillness when I need calm, but also a place of energy when I need uplifting.


I love the freedom of Zumba! Fully immersed and enjoying the moment, interpreting the moves to the music in my own way and style. It’s my happy hour, where I can let myself go.


Being an instructor provides me with the opportunity to give fitness, enjoyment, balance and motivation to others, just as my teachers gave to me. It’s a way of me giving back and sharing my passion for Zumba and Yoga with others. I look forward to working for ‘CoeActive Fitness’ and becoming a part of a growing community.


CoeActive Fitness Instructor

When I was younger I spent 4 days a week at a local Ruislip Theatre school which sparked my passion dancing and singing. This inspired me to study at the London College of Music and complete a degree in Music (Performance) specialising in Musical Theatre.


Having completed my degree I pursued a career in Secondary Music teaching and finally developing into leadership roles within education.


During my studies and my initial teaching career I dedicated my time to focusing on the students and my fellow colleagues, completely forgetting the importance of also looking after myself. I’d put on over 4 stone and I hadn’t completed a fitness class for as long as I could remember. This led me to feeling self-conscious, physically unfit and having low motivation.


Nearly 8 years ago my sister persuaded me to go to Hayley’s first ever Zumba class at the Ruislip Football Club. I’d never heard of Zumba and the thought of doing a group fitness class filled me with fear! Instantly I was hooked! The infectiousness of Hayley’s energy, the amazing Zumba music and the fun non-judgemental ethos of the class brought me back week after week.


In 2016 with Hayley’s support and encouragement, I took the plunge and trained to be a qualified Zumba instructor.


8 Years later my confidence and fitness levels have grown, leading to me losing a considerable amount of weight and finally feeling ‘happy’ being me!Having being part of CoeActive since the start as Assistant Manager supporting Hayley in the administration side of things, I am thrilled to have now joined the team as an Instructor.


CoeActive Fitness Instructor

I have been teaching Yoga and Pilates for well over a decade and I absolutely love it. I am thrilled to join the CoeActive Fitness team as their ethos of community and inclusivity is exactly the environment I want to teach in. I look forward to seeing you in a Yoga class soon!

Welcome the CoeActive Team!

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