Chris and Sarella


We joined Hayley’s classes in November 2017. Hayley is the most amazing, passionate, energetic and approachable instructor we have ever met. We call her the Guru of the Zumba realm for a reason! Zumba is not only a fantastic workout but also a really fun environment filled with crazy amazing people. Whenever we cannot make a class, it really feels like we’re missing out! We have both definitely got fitter (Mount Everest next) and feel a lot healthier. We might need to quit the occasional German beverage we call beer to truly achieve our goal but overall we are in a much better place than where we originally started. We will always come back for more!



I Joined Hayley’s classes about a year ago and I found Hayley very welcoming, friendly and her classes are well organized and delivered. The music and routines that she chooses and prepares are very enjoyable and makes it easier to keep attending. She tries to find new routines so we do not get bored. As an ex-football player, Hayley‘s routines help me maintain my stamina and keep me fit so that I can keep playing football. Her choices in music lift my mood and after a session, I feel very happy and good. My goal was to find a class that helped me maintain my fitness in my body and mind. I can definitely say that Hayley’s classes have helped me achieve these and so I will keep going to her classes as much as I can.

Karen Root


Hayley’s classes have been the highlight of my week for over seven years, attending was the best decision I have ever made! Hayley has played a huge part in my love for Zumba, she is quite simply a fantastic instructor and people love her and her classes. Every class she brings an amazing attitude, positive energy and has a natural ability to engage with everyone. Hayley is motivational, inspirational and her passion for teaching is clearly evident. I have a ‘Zumba family’, and when you combine friends with fantastic music and energy, each class is a party! I wanted to find an exercise class that was fun as previously exercise for me was a chore. I go to Hayley’s classes between 3-5 times a week, this in itself is proof that I have certainly found what I was looking for! I have been known to run from the station even after a busy shift at work, just to make class.



I joined Hayley’s classes in Feb 2017. Hayley is friendly, bubbly and so welcoming. She always makes an effort to say hi to everyone in the class. Hayley makes Zumba so much fun and her routines are great and varied for all levels. Hayley always gives options for basic, intermediate and advanced which makes her Zumba classes very inclusive. I’ve tried a few different classes and no other instructor matches up, the classes are unique and really have made a difference to my shape and have toned areas that needed toning. Hayley’s classes always have a great turn out which says everything as she makes them so much fun and is dynamic in her approach. I’m always sweating after my classes, far more than when I was a member of a gym. A genuine person with a lovely smiley personality! My goal was to get fitter and loose weight with the view to looking more toned. I have achieved my goal and my friends, family and colleagues have noticed that I have more energy and look more toned. After having my son in 2011, I put on a bit of weight but after joining Hayley’s Zumba classes I have my passion for exercise back! As well as this, I am looking better and have gone down a dress size or two! In summary Hayley’s Zumba classes have changed my life and wellbeing.



I joined Hayley’s classes 3 and half years ago after a Zumba class that I attended stopped. I now work out in Hayley’s classes up to 5 times a week! I wanted to lose weight as I didn’t recognise who was looking back at me in the mirror any more, that and my clothes didn’t fit me! When Hayley introduced Strong by Zumba to her timetable, I loved the class but initially was unable to do some of the moves and my technique wasn’t great. I wanted to get fitter, improve my technique, lose weight and tone up my body. One of my goals was to learn how to do a full push up, with the help of personal training with Hayley, attending Zumba and Strong by Zumba, I can now do several push up’s in a row! I have completely changed my body shape having lost 2 stone in weight, I have also toned up and I can now do things I never dreamt I would be ale to do. I am fitter now in my early thirties than I have ever been, I have reached my goals and then some! I feel amazing having reached my goals. I actually like what I see in the mirror now and on a recent holiday for the first time in years, I walked around in my bikini. I feel fab in classes when I can perform difficult moves and keep up with the young fit people in class. People comment positively on my weight loss all the time and how toned my arms and back look.



I joined Hayley’s classes 7 years ago! I started by just going to the one class and now most weeks I attend 7!


When I was younger I was always involved in performing arts and despite this I was always bigger and unhappy with my body shape. As I got older this had really started to affect my self-confidence and my poor fitness level was beginning to affect my every day life. I am outgoing and wanted to be able to take part in physical challenges such as Race for life ‘pretty muddy’ events but didn’t have the fitness level to do this


I have now lost 2 stone, which is something I never thought I would be able to do! My fitness levels have also shot through the roof and I completed two pretty muddy 5ks! My confidence has grown so much I even trained to become a Zumba instructor!


Since coming to Hayley’s classes I have gained confidence through her encouragement both within the whole class environment but also through 1:1 support.



I joined Hayley’s Saturday classes in Autumn 2011. As I work fulltime in the city, I chose to do the Saturday morning class in Ruislip. Hayley is very positive, effusive, encouraging and never critical. She has a way of bringing about the best in everyone and never singles anyone out. That I feel is very important for people like me who are not athletic but want to be fit and most importantly enjoy the experience. Hayley has boundless energy, which is very infectious, and she is always gently encouraging us to push ourselves more with every class, which is great from a fitness point of view. I leave Hayley’s classes wanting to come back. The endorphins coupled with Hayley’s energetic personality are enough of a boost to look forward to the next week’s class. Even when I moved home in 2014 and Ruislip was further away, I still chose to stay with Hayley’s class. If the car is not available, then I have taken taxis to the class as I don’t want to miss the class! I see so many familiar faces in classes, which tells me I am not the only one who wants to keep coming back! My goal was to find a form of exercise which is intense, helps me get fitter and have fun whilst doing it. I am very happy to say that I get all of the above at Hayley’s classes.